May 2019

Public Procurement

We frequently give legal advice in relation to public procurement issues. We have long and considerable experience advising both suppliers and procuring entities. For example, we assist during negotiations and in relation to public and private partnerships which can pertain to both Swedish law and EU law. Regarding bids by...
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Dispute resolution

Our practice includes litigation and arbitration in the areas of law in which we practice, and we also serve as arbitrators in, for example, share redemption disputes, commercial agreements, and shares purchase or business purchase agreements. We frequently represent both bidders and procuring entities in proceedings and have done so...
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Private Legal

For over 40 years, we have been advising businesses owner families on issues such as family law, tax law, and real property law. We add value for the owners and their businesses and, based on the needs of the individual and the family, we assume responsibility for the totality of...
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We provide advice when a business finds itself in a crisis, or wishes to avoid finding itself in financial straits. Since our insolvency law experts are also proficient in other legal areas and various industries, they are able to evaluate the situation from a broad perspective. We are regularly engaged...
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