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Involvement that generates results

We provide legal advice and deliver results with commitment and expertise, thereby creating value for your transactions. We place a premium on close relationships with both our clients and our employees, and thus we are pleased that many of our associations have lasted for so long.

Practise Areas

Our goal is always to find the best solution adapted to the specific needs of each client based upon an overall perspective. Our lawyers have different expertise and work in teams in each area. We always staff the matters we handle on behalf of our clients based on the goal of providing the best expertise in a cost-efficient manner.

Company law

This practice area intersects with all of the firm’s practice areas and plays an important role in our clients’ day-to-day operations, for example in matters relating to the establishment of subsidiaries, shareholder meetings, mergers, acquisition of capital, capital protection, protection of minority shareholders, and CEO and director liability. We have expertise in all types of company law advice for boards of directors, corporate management and shareholders. For listed companies, questions arise in which consideration must be given to both company law as well as securities market law and generally accepted practices. We also have solid expertise in the law of foundations and assist our clients regularly with these types of matters.

Corporate Commercial

Based on our experience from a number of different industries and the public sector, we advise and help our clients in matters such as reviewing, drafting, and negotiating commercial agreements. We also provide day-to-day legal advice to companies and public authorities. We have experts within national and international contract law, sales of goods law, employment law and related legislation such as discrimination and work environment, administrative law, landlord-tenant law, real property law, IT law and transportation law. We have a great deal of experience in various industry-specific agreements and provide advice in conjunction with outsourcing of operations and functions to both companies and public authorities. We also handle contract structures for various forms of distribution and related questions such as competition and intellectual property law. We also assist our clients in finding processes and policies which address the handling of personal data under the applicable regulatory framework. The work carried out within this area also includes examinations and audits on behalf of public authorities and companies related to one or many of the above areas but especially related to work place issues.

Dispute resolution

Our practice includes litigation and arbitration in the areas of law in which we practice, and we also serve as arbitrators in, for example, share redemption disputes, commercial agreements, and shares purchase or business purchase agreements. We frequently represent both bidders and procuring entities in proceedings and have done so in a large number of disputes before Swedish courts in relation to reviews of public procurements and damages caused by violation of public procurement law. However, since disputes (whether in the form of litigation or arbitration) can be both expensive and protracted, we always carefully evaluate the details of your matter before commencing legal proceedings.


We provide advice when a business finds itself in a crisis, or wishes to avoid finding itself in financial straits. Since our insolvency law experts are also proficient in other legal areas and various industries, they are able to evaluate the situation from a broad perspective. We are regularly engaged as administrators tasked with turning around failing companies and facilitating a profitable future, and as bankruptcy trustees tasked with winding up a company’s business in an orderly fashion.


Mergers and acquisitions are often complex and impose exacting demands on us, as advisors. A number of our lawyers regularly represent sellers, buyers, and their financiers in various types of public or private corporate transactions. Among other things, we handle issues such as due diligence procedures, tender processes and contract negotiations, financing, new share issues and IPOs, as well as the drafting of relevant legal documents, implementation and relevant company law matters.

Private Legal

For over 40 years, we have been advising businesses owner families on issues such as family law, tax law, and real property law. We add value for the owners and their businesses and, based on the needs of the individual and the family, we assume responsibility for the totality of their legal requirements. As a result, our advice encompasses a number of legal areas and we can also access the national and international network of banks, lawyers, and accountants that we have built up over the years.

Public Procurement

We frequently give legal advice in relation to public procurement issues. We have long and considerable experience advising both suppliers and procuring entities. For example, we assist during negotiations and in relation to public and private partnerships which can pertain to both Swedish law and EU law. Regarding bids by suppliers, we also review the invitations to tender and draft questions to the procuring entity. We also review the bid in order to ensure all mandatory requirements have been fulfilled. In cases where we advise the procuring entities, advice is also provided in relation to all phases of the procurement. This includes formulating qualification and evaluation criteria and to provide quality assurance of the procurement from a legal perspective or to analyze and assess whether changes to procured contracts are allowed according to applicable law. We frequently represent both bidders and procuring entities in proceedings and have done so in a large number of disputes before Swedish courts in relation to reviews of public procurements and damages caused by violation of public procurement law.

Our people

About us

A modern commercial law firm
We offer legal services in most commercial law practice areas. Our client relationships are based on a long-term perspective and our clients are primarily owners of businesses and assets representing significant values. We always endeavour to gain an overall perspective and then to find the best solution, adapted to the specific needs of our client.

Organisation and employees
Flood Herslow Holme is a modern commercial law firm with 30 employees, 24 of whom are lawyers. With the exception of insolvency law, which is only practiced at our Stockholm office, our offices in Stockholm and Malmo offer services within all of the firm’s practice areas. The firm’s lawyers and staff work with their colleagues in the other office on a daily basis, allowing us to handle larger matters despite the fact that we are a relatively small firm as compared with the major commercial law firms. In order to guarantee our clients the best possible advice and highest quality services, each matter is regarded as being handled by the entire firm.

50 years of experience
Flood Herslow Holme was founded in 2012 through a merger of the Stockholm law firm, Flood, and the Malmo law firm, Herslow & Holme resulting in a commercial law firm with combined experience dating back to the end of the 1960s. The firm’s name partners are still practicing as partners and senior advisers.

Broad knowledge, client-specific solutions
Our clients include investment companies, private equity firms, private individuals, landowners and entrepreneurs. We also represent listed and unlisted companies, as well as a number of public authorities. By handling all of a client’s legal issues on a long-term basis, we obtain a deeper insight into their business. Such close cooperation places high demands on our advice, our availability and our integrity. This is something we strive to achieve in each individual matter.

Ethics in our day-to-day work
Ethics and regulatory compliance are of the utmost important to the firm and its personnel. It is not possible to provide highly qualified legal advice if you deviate from these principles. Compliance with the often unwritten rules found in the business community, which are often referred to as business ethics, is also something we at the firm place great emphasis on.

We have a duty of confidentiality and are extremely committed to security. For more information about how we work, how we handle personal data, and how we protect the integrity of our clients, please see our General Terms and Conditions.

International cooperation
Through our membership in the Warwick Legal Network, an international network of independent law firms, Flood Herslow Holme is able to offer services outside of Sweden as well. The members of the Warwick Legal Network are located in Europe, the United States and Asia.

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Work with us

The key to high-performing staff
Flood Herslow Holme is a knowledge-based company, making us dependent on highly skilled personnel, which is why we invest a great deal of work in ensuring that our offices are places where everyone enjoys working, regardless of their title. We advocate reasonable and flexible working hours, longer contiguous holidays, and a good salary level beginning with the very first year of employment. After this first year, we apply market-based basic salaries with incentive elements for our more senior lawyers allowing them to influence their level of compensation. We value preventative healthcare and encourage our employees to have a large degree of influence over their workplace and work situation.

Our fundamental principles are not only something we are proud of but also something we apply very seriously.

Broad experience makes a good specialist
We are continuously working on developing the expertise of our lawyers. In addition to the mandatory law society courses, all of them are offered training within the firm’s practice areas. In addition, we encourage our lawyers not to work within only one area. We believe that to be a good commercial lawyer, you need to have the broadest experience possible, and not get stuck in one area. This is why we want our lawyers to work with matters from different clients and industries. It is important that they meet their office colleagues and of our clients’ representatives at an early stage and on a regular basis. We are convinced that this is how to create the best legal advisors from the outset.

Equality for the future
Equality between women and men is an issue given high priority by the firm’s partners. We continuously work on this issue and, where necessary, reformulate our equality plan to keep it up-to-date. Of the firm’s six partners, only one is a woman. We believe that this is not a good ratio and are working towards the goal of increasing the percentage of women partners. We are also working on increasing the share of female associate attorneys with the goal of achieving an equal breakdown between men and women.

Are you committed and independent and do you value long-term relationships?
We are always looking for new, talented people who want to join us in providing results that are of great value to our clients’ businesses. At the same time, it’s important to be happy and enjoy your work. Does this is sound interesting to you?

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